Web3 Developer Bootcamp Attracts Indonesian Developers to Dive into the Web3 Ecosystem

20 Jan 2023
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BSD City, August 4, 2022 - Web3 is believed to be the key in the evolution of the internet. With the vision of realizing a more open, decentralized, and secure internet ecosystem, many of the world's technology giants are now paying attention to the development of Web3 technology. However, as the hype around Web3 intensifies, there is a considerable gap between business needs and the availability of qualified and qualified talent in the Web3 field.

According to the analysis of crypto-focused Venture Capital Electric Capital, the Web3 developer community is still very small, with only 18,000 developers actively working on Web3 and crypto open source projects today, and growing by around 75% since early 2021. This data is also supported by research from Hired, a tech-specific job marketplace that says Web3 candidates have increased by around 67% since early 2021.

The bright potential that Web3 technology brings in the future is certainly not without reason. For this reason, DailySocial.id and Hybrid.co.id are committed to contributing to the development of superior Human Resources (HR) in the field of Web3 technology by organizing a Web3 Developer Bootcamp, a bootcamp specially prepared for technology professionals to learn more about Web3 ecosystem consisting of blockchain technology, crypto, DAO, NFT, and DeFi.

The Web3 Developer Bootcamp was held for 3 full days at Green Office Park 9, which is located in the BSD area of ??South Tangerang. A total of 70 Indonesian developers joined the bootcamp with various backgrounds.

Starting from tech enthusiasts, communities, to professional developers, who came from outside Jakarta, such as Karawang, Bandung, to Jogjakarta. This event was filled with exclusive materials from trainers with various focuses, ranging from “The Development Guide to Web3 Stack” , to “How to Build Utility Token” which was practiced directly by the participants together with the trainers.

In this event, several experts in the Web3 world contributed and conveyed their insights through coaching sessions with a number of trainers who have been directly involved in the development of the Web3 ecosystem. The trainers who attended included Muqorrobin Marufi (Founder & CTO of Ansvia), Tata Tricipta (Co Founder Exclusor), Muhammad Mustadi (Lead Dev, Reimagined Finance), Reza Anwar (CTO of Inamart), Gilang Bhagaskara (CEO of Blocksphere) and Sofian Hadiwijaya (CEO of Blocksphere). Co-Founder of Warung Pintar).

Four keynote speakers were also involved in this activity, namely On Lee (CEO & CTO, GDP Labs), Antonny Liem (Investment Partner, GDP Ventures), Intan Wibisono (Founder, Art Pop Up & Indonesia NFT Festiverse), and Yohanes Adhi (CTO DailySocial). .id).

"The need for Web3 HR in the world is very high but unfortunately there are very few developers who have the qualifications," according to Dailysocial.id CTO, Yohanes Adi (27/07/2022).

John also added. "By holding this Web3 bootcamp, it is hoped that local technology talents will emerge who are more open to Web3 and can contribute more to the development of Web3 in the country," he added.

Jeffrey Budiman, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of WIR Group said “Education about web3 technology is a strategic step and an unavoidable necessity to ensure capacity development of the business sector and industry in facing global competition. This web3 technology will provide an opportunity for users to get a more immersive experience by using technologies such as AR, VR, and AI that are integrated with various other technologies so that they can have a positive impact on both the commercial aspect of a business and customer loyalty. 

The Web3 platform is a necessity, a form of technological ecosystem evolution that will encourage the creation of a liveable digital world for everyone. The use of technology that is not only sophisticated but also integrated really allows every user to communicate, interact without boundaries, and be personal, said Jeffrey.

One of the participants, Fahmil, expressed his enthusiasm, the IT Developer at Merah Cipta Media said, "For me, who is still working on web2, I understand more about the initial fundamentals of web3, besides that my knowledge is also open to other benefits of web3 such as datafile storage , not only about crypto" he said. Fahmil, who has benefited from the Web3 Developer Bootcamp event, also hopes that this event will continue with more long-term training.

By participating in the Web3 Developer Bootcamp event, which is supported by WIR Group and Sinar Mas Land, participants are expected to be able to improve the skills and technical knowledge of developers, but also be open to the future of Web3 both in industry and business.

In line with that, Sinar Mas Land's VP of Ecosystem Acquisition & Partnership, Yanto Suryawan expressed his commitment, "Sinar Mas Land strives to be a forum for all technology ecosystems and digital entrepreneurship in Indonesia. We support and hope that this event can improve the Blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia,” he concluded.