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Sinar Mas Adopt AI Technology for Digital Transformation with RIS...
18 Jun 2024

Sinar Mas has announced the adoption of AI technology for digital transformation with RISE with SAP. This aligns with ...

Latest News
Sinar Mas Land's Biomedical Campus at Digital Hub Wins Top Honors...
06 Jun 2024

Digital Hub is thrilled to announce that our Biomedical Campus has been awarded the prestigious titles of Office Archi...

Latest News
Event Recap: World Environment Day 2024 & Award4Change for Sinar ...
05 Jun 2024

BSD City, June 5, 2024 - On World Environment Day 2024, Waste4Change, one of Digital Hub's ecosystems, hosted the Awar...

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Why Digital Hub

Digital Hub’s primary goal is to serve and improve on the trade and social activities of its tenant companies. Under its roof, businesses and institutions at various stages of development work together within its fluid co-working environtment that fosters social interactions, collaborations, and a sense of community.

Creative Industry

In the digital ecosystem, the creative industry has experienced significant growth due to the rapid advancements in digital technologies. These technologies have enabled creators to produce, distribute, and market their works more efficiently and effectively, reaching wider audiences across the globe.


Tech Talent Pool

The tech industry is known for its fast-paced, innovative environment and is constantly evolving with new technologies, trends, and platforms emerging frequently. Thus, Digital Hub grows talent pool within the area to fulfill critical success of businesses operating within this industry.


Data Center

A few big tech giants trusted Digital Hub as the home for their data homes & traffic. Armed with multiple layers of redundancy and secure location. Our area is notable for international standard data center.         


Digital Startup

As a platform of innovation and collaboration, Digital Hub invites all tech-startups to join in the ecosystem to fulfill their dreams by experiencing the behavior in the hub such as network-connection, collaboration, and more. Digital Hub supports ideation, incubation, acceleration and Demo Day in the regular activity basis.


R&D Center

In the name of Innovation, R&D Center placed important part for every company around the Hub. Digital Hub BSD City provides space for innovation, environment to indulge and networks to get more and more connected, yet creative.


Technology Leaders

The presence of Global in the Hub will boost the local economy and increase knowledge-sharing. Adding more resources and choices to develop innovative ideas. As well as bringing mentors and industry practitioners closer in the ecosystem.


Digital Investor

Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Corporate Giants are also around the HUB. As components of tech valleys, investor plays important part in the ecosystem. We welcome fundraisers to our Demoday events or Carpitch Youtube Program to boost chances of funding.