Three Goals to Realize Smart City in Indonesia

05 Apr 2022
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Jakarta, April 5, 2022 – Chief Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development Sinar Mas Land Irawan Harahap said Sinar Mas Land also support smart city developments in Indonesia. At least, there are three purpose for Sinar Mas Land in developing smart city. The three points are social, economic and environment.

In social said Irawan, city developer has to foresee and takes care of the citizen and visitors. Thus, when the smart city concept is implemented, citizens and visitors may experience comfort in socialisation, collaborations and synergy in the city.

“Smart city should definitely affect economic growth. Supported by the infrastructure built within the smart city,” explain Irawan in Indonesia Data and Economic Conference (IDE) Katadata 2022 event. The event themed ‘Building Digital City’, Tuesday (5/4/2022).

Irawan described, in developing smart city the property developer should also prepare the environment. In example, the development of BSD City initiated by Sinar Mas Land, the strategic area in Tangerang consist of 35% area of buildings while greenery fills the 65% of the area.

As supported with wonderful landscapes, there is hope in realising sustainable city that elevate the quality of the citizens. Then, Irawan continues, to support the three purpose of developing smart city, the property developer should also prepared with the right strategy. Starting from talent development to develop smart city, strengthen the infrastructure such as fiber optic for high speed internet, water treatment, electricities and pedesterian connectivity.

"City development is how we manage stakeholders, schoo. students, household wifes, business owners, and visitors. We have to apply many kind of technology to help them to deliver the need of this stakeholders,” Irawan explained.

Irawan also states, smart city development should not be done by single player. But to grow together with many parties especially technology doers.

"To develop smart city infrastructure is not an easy task, we need partner to collaborate, how to monetize it. Then when we build smart city with green initiative, we also need government supports, as we are now has the green obligation and tax incentives. So, we hope there will be incentive for us who develop the city and the people," Irawan added.