Sinar Mas Land Supports New Face of KlikDokter

18 Aug 2022
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Jakarta, August 18, 2022 - Going special with Indonesia’s independence day, KlikDokter arise with new face. Offering healthcare solution as trustable, easy, and convenient to use with the complete 360 degrees integration of healthcare services. Together in this moment, KlikDokter also launch campaign #JagaSehatmu in the name of the mission “Indonesia Sehat”.

The need of the citizens on digital health services is one of the factor that digitally transform the health industry. Especially in the pandemic situation, people relies on digital services basis. This will matters to habit and the lifestyle of the people in Indonesia becoming more aware of health problems. KlikDokter understands the situation then transforms and innovate to cater the needs of the people in Indonesia.

KlikDokter was established in 2016 and were part of PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk, one of big Indonesian health & pharmacy firm. KlikDokter becomes Kalbe’s ecosystem that gives digital health services. Connected and integrated from end to end providing complete services to support the mission of “Indonesia Sehat”.

KlikDokter CEO, Hendra Tjong, explained the established ecosystem strengthen the vision and mission of KlikDokter. “The vision of KlikDokter is to become the most advance and integrated app that can serve the whole Indonesian residents in the digital era. Therefore we develop solution of trustable, user-friendly digital healthcare services and personally through three (3) main pillars which are health education, healthcare services and healthy shopping. These three main pillars at the end creates connected and integrated ecosystem which drawn into the new KlikDokter logo,” Hendra described. 

Support also comes from Sinar Mas Land through Digital Hub where KlikDokter stationed. Chief Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap, said KlikDokter presence enrich and completing Digital Hub ecosystem in health-tech industry. “We hope this transformation may push KlikDokter to go forward providing trusted and handy digital and non-digital healthcare services.

KlikDokter shows up, with new look and new logo drawings of forwarded heartbeat with heart shape. Like a heartbeat who always there for human life, KlikDokter will always be there for people and giving connected and integrated digital healthcare solution. 

In order to continue the idea and together with the spirit of Indonesia independence day, KlikDokter also launch campaign #JagaSehatmu to be shown to the people of Indonesia. So people will always take care their health to realize their dream. KlikDokter also shows with chosen brand evangelist as representative of Indonesia’s profile generation. They are Ensy Storia, Nana Mirdad and Andrew White.

The campaign #JagaSehatmu is planned to be one of KlikDokter’s steps to align with the mission “Indonesia Sehat”.

Few events and activities has been done under #JagaSehatmu campaign. They are health education (online and offline events), Hepatitis A CSR (for children’s hepatitis) screening in Banten, Digital & Social Media Campaign along with offline event like RunFest that will be held in Yogyakarta this coming October 2022. “hopefully, #JagaSehatmu can be a organic and continuous campaign to bring more and more people with mindset of preventive in taking care of the health,” add Hendra.

This positive campaign is initiated by KlikDokter start from their head office in BSD City. A place that supports continuous healthy lifestyle. This vision also supported by the growth of Sinar Mas Land’s Digital Hub. A 26 hectares area designated for communites and technology companies, from startup, technology leaders to education institution in science and technology. The development of infrastructures and facilities are enjoyable by numerous of technology players such as NTT, Traveloka, Apple Developer Academy, Juniper, Grab, Sirclo, MyRepublic, Bizzy, AWS Academy, KlikDokter as well as Monash University as the first overseas university in Indonesia.