Sinar Mas Land Introduces Biomedical Campus in BSD City

02 Dec 2023
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BSD City, December 2, 2023 - The COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases worldwide have caught the attention of the Indonesian Government to prepare more vigilant, anticipatory, responsive, and resilient healthcare services in facing current and future health threats. In response to these challenges, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has developed six pillars of health transformation to improve Indonesia's healthcare system. One of the pillars continuously pursued is Health Technology Transformation, which involves utilizing information technology and biotechnology in the healthcare sector.


Ministry of Health Launches BGSI (Biomedical and Genome Science Initiative)


To realize health technology transformation, on August 14, 2022, the Ministry of Health launched BGSI (Biomedical and Genome Science Initiative), which provides accurate diagnostic development and precision treatment services by utilizing genetic information based on biobanking. With this technology, the quality of medical care will improve as healthcare financing becomes more effective. Additionally, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) supports the development of precision medicine efforts by establishing the Precision Oncology based Omics Research Collaboration Center (PKR Promics).


Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin, during the 2023 National Health Work Meeting (Rakerkesnas), stated that the government continues to accelerate and strengthen health resilience in the country by establishing more hospitals domestically, improving the quality of healthcare professionals and providing infrastructure, including research to support the quality of healthcare facilities in Indonesia. In support of the government's initiative to implement health transformation, Sinar Mas Land, through the Digital Hub, introduces the Biomedical Campus, a facility provided to support and enhance research activities, as well as provide other healthcare ecosystem facilities ranging from education to cutting-edge healthcare services.


Andi Ony, Regent of Tangerang Regency, said, "On behalf of the Tangerang Regency Government, we express our gratitude and appreciation for today's activities organized by Sinar Mas Land. The Biomedical Campus is a significant and strategic step in responding to the need for the community's best healthcare services and facilities, with various advantages such as modern technological infrastructure, strategic location, and multi-access. We hope that the Biomedical Campus's presence can positively impact all Indonesian people in need of world-class healthcare services. Additionally, we believe this initiative can improve human resources' quality, create job opportunities, and drive economic growth in the Tangerang region and Indonesia as a whole."


Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin of the Republic of Indonesia stated, "I understand that collaboration between governments, industries, and the private sector is crucial for successfully implementing digital transformation in the healthcare field, bringing maximum benefits to the Indonesian people. Collaboration with service, education, and research institutions is also essential. We all need to synergize and unite. I see the mission of the Biomedical Campus is aligned with the digital transformation agenda carried out by the Ministry of Health. Digital transformation has tremendous potential, especially entering the Society 5.0 era, which combines super intelligence science and technology to serve humanity."


Airlangga Hartarto, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, added, "Congratulations on the launch of the Biomedical Campus building. I highly appreciate what Sinar Mas Land is doing to support healthcare service transformation in Indonesia. As we all know, Indonesia will have a demographic bonus until 2038. We will have a productive generation, and remember, to be productive, one must be healthy. Moreover, BSD City already has two international campuses: Apple Academy and Monash University. Hence, the presence of the Biomedical Campus is crucial to creating a center of excellence in digital-based education. Health education and research facilities will enhance domestic research capabilities to address global health challenges."


During the event, Michael Widjaja, Group CEO of Sinar Mas Land, explained, "The Biomedical Campus is the latest innovation and commitment from Sinar Mas Land to provide healthcare facilities, resources, and services in BSD City. We hope that the presence of the Biomedical Campus can support the government's efforts in conducting research and developing health that strengthens the national healthcare system by bringing quality researchers and healthcare professionals who can compete internationally. May the Biomedical Campus become a magnet for leading companies worldwide to make Indonesia one of the places for health research and technology development."


Explanation of the Biomedical Campus Smart Building


The Smart Building of the Biomedical Campus stands on +/-11,800 m2 of land with a building area of +/-31,800 m2. There are several primary services in the Biomedical Campus, including office buildings, a smart business center, an experience center, a maker space, and F&B. To provide better, faster, and more accurate services, the Biomedical Campus uses Microsoft's digital twin technology, which transforms building management from manual and limited physical inspections to digital, predictive, and precise.


The smart Biomedical Campus building will also offer a smart experience for building managers, tenants, and visitors. The building's systems and subsystems are designed using a Visitor Management System (VMS) that provides easy access through Face Recognition (FR) or Quick Response (QR) Code. Tenants and visitors will also enjoy smart parking facilities. Sinar Mas Land has invested Rp2 trillion for development over the next five years.


The Biomedical Campus is planned to start operating in January 2024. On the same occasion, Sinar Mas Land's management team signed strategic cooperation agreements with several partners in the healthcare field. Among these partners are PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia, Asa Ren, Pathgen Diagnostik Tekno, Fullerton Health Indonesia, Pyridam Farma, I-SWAM, Monash University, Careoth Inc., and AWS Indonesia.


Location of the Biomedical Campus


The Biomedical Campus is located in the Digital Hub area, the latest innovation from Sinar Mas Land to meet the community's needs in the digital technology era and cutting-edge healthcare services with complete technological infrastructure and facilities. In terms of accessibility, the Biomedical Campus is strategically located. It can be accessed via several toll roads such as the Serpong-Balaraja Section 1A Toll Road, Jakarta-Merak Toll Road (Kebon Jeruk Toll Road), and Jakarta-Serpong Toll Road integrated with Kunciran-Serpong Toll Road, JORR 2, Soekarno-Hatta Airport Toll Road, and Jagorawi Toll Road. Mobility to/from the Biomedical Campus is also supported by various public transportation options including the free shuttle bus BSD Link, feeder bus BSD City, and the Commuter Line train through the Cisauk Station in the Intermoda BSD City area. Furthermore, BSD City is equipped with educational facilities ranging from kindergarten to university, both domestic and international, including Monash University.