Sinar Mas Land Implements AI to Support Digital Transformation

16 Nov 2023
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BSD City, November 16, 2023 - The rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology globally has significantly impacted all sectors, including the property sector. AI has become a catalyst for paradigm shifts, leading property companies to transform due to its significant influence on overall business dynamics. Sinar Mas Land is keenly aware of this. It has become one of the pioneers in leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to innovate in areas such as property management, construction, sustainability, and customer experience.


At the Tech Media Workshop themed "Transforming Property with Generative AI" held on Thursday (11/16) at the GOP 9 Auditorium, BSD City, Sinar Mas Land expressed a solid commitment to the use of AI technology, involving various global tech giants such as Microsoft Indonesia, NTT Global, and others in the company's digital transformation journey. The event featured Yanto Suryawan (Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Acquisition & Partnership at Sinar Mas Land), Mulyawan Gani (Chief Transformation Officer at Sinar Mas Land), and Bayu Seto (Partner at Living Lab Ventures).


Sinar Mas Land is Making BSD City a Smart Digital City


Mulyawan Gani, Chief Transformation Officer at Sinar Mas Land, stated, "Sinar Mas Land is very serious about making BSD City an integrated smart and digital city by harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. One tangible innovation is our collaboration with Microsoft by integrating chatbot technology and implementing Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search to introduce the 'Ask' feature in the OneSmile application. Users can ask about hangout places, restaurants, or cafes in BSD City, like a city guide, and get relevant recommendations. This feature has proven to be very useful in enhancing the experience of visitors and residents in BSD City."


Not only is AI technology being applied within Sinar Mas Land's business, but Microsoft also provides support to Sinar Mas Land's corporate venture, Living Lab Ventures, through the Startup Founders Hub program. In this program, 27 startups under LLV's umbrella can access various advanced applications, ranging from reliable, secure cloud platforms to open-source-friendly ones. Microsoft also provides the best productivity tools for tech developers, such as GitHub Enterprise, Visual Studio Enterprise for Engineers, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and access to OpenAI. LLV aims to leverage this technology to enable startups under its umbrella to generate multiple innovations. It is expected to expedite the advancement of BSD City as a prominent smart city in the country.


Sinar Mas Land is also developing the Digital Hub, a 26-hectare area in BSD City dedicated to communities, educational institutions, startups, and multinational companies in digital and creative technology. Various ecosystem development entities have reacted favorably to the progress made. The development has attracted more than 38 prominent organizations, including Traveloka, Unilever, NTT, Grab, and Apple, to be part of it.


Irawan Harahap, CEO Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development at Sinar Mas Land, stated, "Sinar Mas Land is striving to build a better future through the transformation of BSD City by choosing the best partners, as Microsoft has received recognition for its exceptional work in developing cloud and AI technologies. This is applied in the building construction in the Digital Hub BSD City area, utilizing Azure Digital Twins to automate various construction project management systems currently underway. Furthermore, we are open to inviting other global tech partners to make this BSD City Digital Hub a collaborative ecosystem for implementing the latest technology."


Since 2016, Sinar Mas Land, through BSD City, has been undergoing digital transformation to provide the best services and products to the community. In terms of infrastructure, the company has implemented fiber optic networks, traffic monitoring through a traffic command center, and facilitating community mobility to and from BSD City by providing integrated public transportation facilities.