Sinar Mas Land: How Indonesia’s Trendiest Digital Hub is Pushing for Innovation

26 Apr 2024
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Invaluable resources await you at Digital Hub, home to technology corporations and startups in one of the largest ecosystems in SEA.

Development of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia showing a positive result of growth. The growing number of internet users is the main factor of this growth. To support and empower the development of the digital ecosystem, real action from several institutions will be needed. The main goal of this ecosystem is to help tech companies and startups from early to mature stages reach their potential by implementing technology. A supportive and functional ecosystem can boost both technology and innovation development.

In building a digital ecosystem, there are several challenges such as the need for a digital talent pool compounded with the difficulty in finding talent with digital skills, and equal distribution of internet access. Innovation hubs address key challenges in bringing support and resources to innovative organisations, fostering productivity by executing a well-thought-out blueprint. The goal is to allow the companies housed in these spaces to thrive.

To this extent, Sinar Mas Land has come up with an ambitious project designed to support the growing Indonesian, and subsequently, the Southeast Asian regional tech industry. Built almost a decade ago, over 40 tech companies and 700+ startups are housed inside the Digital Hub at BSD City. Case in point, Indonesian e-commerce company Sirclo has been part of BSD City’s Digital Hub ecosystem since 2018, among other notable names such as Microsoft, Traveloka, AWS, and Living Lab Ventures.

The Digital Hub envisions becoming the future technological ecosystem of Indonesia, comprising creative institutions, education, enterprises, talent development, startups, venture capital, as well as national and multinational companies.

More than a land development project, Digital Hub is a well-thought-out blueprint for innovation

Situated on a 26-hectare plot of land within the core of BSD Smart City’s Central Business District, Digital Hub is crafted as a sprawling, eco-friendly hub for tech commerce, which aims to serve as a centre for Indonesia’s upcoming innovators, enterprises, and organisations dedicated to shaping a more interconnected and environmentally aware future.

Currently, two major developments are utilised and inhabited, each one meticulously planned to empower innovation.

One is called the Biomedical Campus, dedicated to elevating the standard of healthcare and positioning Indonesia as a leading destination for medical tourism. Their mission is to establish a thriving ecosystem by fostering partnerships, collaborations, and cooperation with experts across various sectors of the medical field, including research centres, manufacturers, practitioners, health service providers, and education institutions.

Various resources are available, including advanced facilities like smart maker spaces, all while enjoying the beneficial effects of nature on creativity and well-being.

Innovators can further capitalise on this benefit by incorporating the Digital Hub’s Urban Forest into their daily work schedule, utilising the vast multipurpose park meant for recreation, sports activities, and meetings in a relaxed outdoor setting. Workstations, sports facilities, and an outdoor cinema are also available for use. Digital professionals can also take advantage of the full wi-fi coverage and solar energy-powered outlets.

In principle, the Digital Hub is built under six elements of productivity as the overall direction in realising the vision — Diversity, Mobility, Connectivity, Interaction, Health, and Camaraderie.

Irawan Harahap, CEO of the Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development Sinar Mas Land, explained, “Our company’s mission is to empower and accelerate the growth of startups and entrepreneurs across Asia and nurture future talents to foster innovation, driving economic growth, and creating a vibrant startup ecosystem in the region by providing them with access to cutting-edge resources, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration.”


Bringing the Digital Hub experience to Echelon X


It is with great anticipation that Digital Hub will be participating in the upcoming Echelon X — Echelon Asia Summit’s 10th-anniversary event happening on 15-16th May 2024 at the Singapore EXPO Hall 2. Echelon X is aimed towards supercharging its flagship programs to tailor to the evolving needs of the next generation of tech leaders.

This aligns perfectly with Digital Hub’s mission, as it allows its team to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and explore partnerships that will propel the growth and success of startups throughout Asia.

Irawan mentioned, “We are looking forward to the networking opportunities at this year’s [Echelon X]. Connecting with other industry leaders, potential partners, and investors is invaluable for expanding our reach, gaining insights into market trends, and exploring collaboration opportunities.”

Attendees can expect the Digital Hub experience condensed in their exhibition booth. “Overall, we anticipate that our involvement in the summit will be instrumental in driving our [mutual] growth and success in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Digital Hub intends to build connections with potential partners, investors and other stakeholders and aims to showcase to a diverse audience of industry experts. They are also considering exploring opportunities to expand business or projects into new markets within Asia or globally.

Make sure to check out Irawan and his team at Echelon X! Conference attendees also stand a chance to win Digital Hub merchandise upon registration at the Digital Hub booth.

Sinar Mas Land is one of the many exciting industry leaders from across the Southeast Asian region who will be joining us for Echelon X. Joining them are other key leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking startups from all corners of the region who will be gathering for two packed days. Echelon X will feature dedicated content stages, exhibitions, panel discussions, and more — all to support and empower the tech startup ecosystem with actionable insights through a series of knowledge-sharing activities.


Written By: Alea Ladaga

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