Sinar Mas Land and Android VIP Host DroidJam Indonesia 2023

12 Oct 2023
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BSD City, October 12, 2023 - BSD City has achieved an impressive reputation as it is projected to become a center for technological development and innovation. The presence of various giant technology companies to multinational corporations that have joined the Digital Hub area, BSD City has created an environment that can support the technology industry's growth. On the other hand, the company also always pays special attention to supporting the acceleration of digital transformation, one of which is through the DroidJam Indonesia 2023 event organized by Sinar Mas Land together with Android VIP.


Date and Venue of DroidJam Indonesia 2023


DroidJam Indonesia 2023 brings together Android enthusiasts from around the world for the largest community-based technical learning and interest event in Android technology. The event took place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, at the Auditorium Green Office Park (GOP) 9, BSD City. The activities included various events such as Tech Talk, Panel Discussion, and Networking, featuring many Top Speakers from leading technology companies such as Google, Twitter, Thoughtworks, Gojek, Grab, SmartNews Japan, Tiptip, Decoding, NBS, and Line Bank. The speakers shared their experiences and best practices related to Android application development from various aspects, including current topics such as MAD, Kotlin, and Flutter. DroidJam Indonesia 2023 was attended by hundreds of people, including Professional Android developers, Google Developer Experts, Technical Leaders, digital workers, students, and Android enthusiasts.


Co-Lead of DroidJam Indonesia, Muh Isfhani Ghiath, said, "2023 is the second year we have held DroidJam Indonesia, an annual conference for mobile application developers. Speakers and participants were very enthusiastic about the event. Many parties played a role in supporting and ensuring the success of Collaboration with Sinar Mas Land is one of the main forms of support in enhancing the digital skills of mobile application developers through DroidJam Indonesia. We hope that this collaboration can continue so that together we can create a positive impact and enhance skills for the mobile application developer community in Indonesia."


CEO of Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development at Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap, stated, "Sinar Mas Land through Digital Hub has collaborated with Google on several occasions to accelerate the agenda of BSD City becoming an integrated smart digital city. This effort is now manifested through the successful implementation of DroidJam Indonesia 2023 today in collaboration with GDG Jakarta. We hope that through this activity, the company can assist the government program in enhancing the transformation of competence and quality of digital talents in Indonesia to be more inclusive."


Purpose of DroidJam Indonesia 2023


DroidJam Indonesia 2023 serves as a stage for Android enthusiasts to learn, interact, create, and innovate. This event provides a platform for exchanging ideas between professionals and beginners, fostering an environment that supports collective growth within the Android community. To achieve this goal, Android VIP also plays a crucial role by assisting technology developers, especially those focusing on Android, in developing skills, expanding networks, and fostering collaborative spirit.