Monash University, Mekari and Digital Hub Announces Business Scholarships

24 Sep 2023
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BSD City, September 24, 2023 - Monash University Indonesia, an international-standard university offering master's and doctoral programs, Mekari, one of the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies in Indonesia, and Digital Hub BSD City announced a collaborative business scholarship initiative for professionals in Indonesia.


Business Innovation Scholarship


The 'Business Innovation Scholarship' is a program under the Master of Business Innovation (MBI), worth Rp336 million, and is awarded to one selected recipient to fully fund their master's program in MBI at Monash University, Indonesia. Scholarship candidates must submit their applications between July 25 and September 8, with the final scholarship recipient eligible to enroll in the October 2023 business program.


Monash University, Indonesia invites professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup founders to submit their applications and participate in the selection process for the chance to be selected as recipients of the Business Innovation Scholarship.


"We are thrilled to announce our upcoming business competition, an arena where innovation meets ambition and where future pioneers are forged. In this competition, the coveted grand prize is not only a full scholarship in our MBI course but also a series of benefits designed to elevate professionals and entrepreneurs to new heights."


"Imagine a scholarship that not only opens the doors to education but also provides you with the tools, networks, and resources essential for success in the business world. Let this be the spark that ignites your entrepreneurial fire or enhances your existing venture. Seize the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors, connect with industry leaders, and gain insights that will lay the foundation for your future achievements," said Harriman Saragih, Associate Professor and Course Coordinator of Business Innovation at Monash University, Indonesia.


Master Of Business Innovation Program (MBI)


The Master of Business Innovation (MBI) program at Monash University, Indonesia is designed for experienced professionals who want to enhance their management and innovation skills to drive business performance. This program is ideal for individuals who want to exchange practical and theoretical perspectives, actively participate in the learning process, and integrate their professional experiences with theoretical frameworks.


Irawan Harahap, CEO of Sinar Mas Land Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development, explained that this collaboration will ensure that the positive impact of the Mekari Conference 2023 is not limited to the event itself.


"Sinar Mas Land, through Digital Hub BSD City, has been hosting digital technology companies ranging from startups to unicorns and tech giants. Our ecosystem is equipped with several digital schools where we cultivate a pool of digital talents to optimize Indonesia's continuously evolving technology infrastructure. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in this scholarship to empower local technology talents to grow and have a greater impact on society," said Irawan.


Suwandi Soh, CEO of Mekari Indonesia, added that the company is committed to supporting the growth of technology talents and entrepreneurship in Indonesia, considering the country is undergoing rapid digital transformation.


"The presence of knowledgeable and skilled technology talents and entrepreneurs will enable Indonesia to optimize digital innovation, including artificial intelligence (AI), to transform industries and the economy for the better. The 'Business Innovation Scholarship' is a manifestation of our commitment to fostering the growth of industries and professionals in Indonesia through technology adoption," said Suwandi.


The 'Business Innovation Scholarship' is one of the company's commitments to support this goal by integrating it through the Mekari Conference 2023, an annual technology and business conference organized by Mekari that connects professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts across industries to share insights on innovative technology and business practices. The Mekari Conference has been taking place since September 7, 2023, at ICE BSD.