LLV Partners With IHK Berlin Germany to Support the Growth of Digital Industry

14 Sep 2023
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BSD City, September 14, 2023 - Sinar Mas Land through Living Lab Ventures (LLV) announced a strategic alliance and collaborative partnership with The Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK Berlin). In this collaboration, LLV will serve as the go-to-market partner in BSD City, especially for companies under IHK Berlin that wish to expand into Indonesia. The symbolic signing ceremony was conducted by Bayu Seto (Partner of Living Lab Ventures) and Tim Schneider (Public Affairs Manager IHK Berlin) on September 8, 2023, in BSD City.


IHK Berlin is a municipal organization of various businesses with the goal of developing and promoting the interests of local and international companies operating in Germany. IHK Berlin is responsible for protecting business interests, sharing business experiences, engaging with government, civil society, local media & press, and organizing trade fairs & other events.


Public Affairs Manager IHK Berlin, Tim Schneider, said, "It is a great pleasure for us to be warmly welcomed in BSD City. Given the significant challenges our world is facing today, it is increasingly important for us to tackle them together across countries and learn from each other. In this opportunity, we are taking significant steps in that direction through the cooperation agreement with LLV."


Managing Director President Office Sinar Mas Land, Dony Martadisata, stated, "We are very proud that BSD City has been chosen as the host for numerous companies, communities, schools, and several national and international universities for decades. Currently, the company is transforming BSD City into a digital city, and we are very impressed with the major cities in Germany, so we are very excited to welcome this collaboration. Certainly, we want to seize this opportunity to collaborate with IHK Berlin because of their excellence in transforming smart cities. Hopefully, the cooperation between the two companies, Sinar Mas Land and IHK Berlin can commit to contributing to the greater community."


On that occasion, Partner of Living Lab Ventures, Bayu Seto, added, "LLV is committed to continuous growth, and therefore we are seeking collaborations with leading global institutions. Collaboration with IHK Berlin will enable us to reach potential startups and German companies looking to enter the Indonesian market. Conversely, it will also allow technology companies listed in our portfolio to expand their business in Europe." LLV is a corporate venture of Sinar Mas Land in various agnostic sectors. Its focus is on three main technology aspects: Smart Technologies, Digital Life, and Mobility. Smart Technologies encompass innovative technologies that support smart urban living. This is closely related to the aspect of Digital Life, which focuses on technology related to e-commerce and social networks that have a significant impact on social life. Lastly, Mobility focuses on smart technologies in the movement of people and goods within the city.