Digital Hub Holds Pitch Battle Competition at BSD City for Startups

16 Jul 2022
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BSD City, 16 July 2022 – Sinar Mas Land, through the BSD City Digital Hub, has collaborated with Teman Startup to hold a Pitch Battle Competition on Saturday (06/25/2022) at the Green Office Park (GOP) 9 Auditorium Building, BSD City. This activity is the culmination of the Starthub Mentoring Session program for hundreds of startups that has been carried out since June 4-25, 2022. All these activities are part of the Digital Hub Next Action (DNA) movement initiated by Digital Hub.

"Sinar Mas Land, through the Digital Hub, accommodates the startup community and supports its progress through the Starthub program, starting from the mentoring stage to the pitching stage. Here we bring together hundreds of startups with digital industry players from various venture capital companies so that they can interact directly and capture networks. Hopefully, the provision of knowledge from professionals and this prize can be a stepping stone for participants in entering the realm of national startups," said Irawan Harahap, Chief of Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development at Sinar Mas Land.

Nazier Ariffin, Head of Strategic Investment at Telkomsel and one of the judges at the Pitching Battle Competition event at Starthub 2022, said: "We appreciate the seriousness of Sinar Mas Land in supporting the development of startups by Indonesians. This program is carried out 

continuously, starting from mentoring to pitching today so that startups born from this program can be more competitive, established and strategic. Hopefully the ideas from startups participating in Starthub can be developed and implemented properly to meet the needs of the wider community."

This year's Starthub Mentoring Session program carries the theme 'Ready to Elevate Your Startup' which can be accessed through various platforms such as Webinar, Instagram Live, Spotify Podcast, YouTube, and TikTok, and is also provided in the form of e-books as well as interactive templates.

The participants were provided with a variety of learning materials which were divided into three segments. The first session was delivered by Brian Marshal (Founder and Chief Executive of Sirclo) on Strategy – Determining Your Startup's Purpose & Strategy. In the second session, the mentoring activity discussed the topic of Sales & Marketing – Growth Hack Your Startup: Burn the Marketing Expense Effectively delivered by Ferdi Anggriawan (Head of Digital Marketing at Gojek). The mentoring was closed in the third session by Henri Suhardja (Co-Founder and CEO of Titipku) with a discussion on Fundraising – Effective and Efficient Fundraise: Determining Good & Bad Funds for Your Startup.

After going through various stages of mentoring sessions, five startups were selected to participate in the Pitch Battle Competition to compete for the opportunity to be funded by large venture capital in Indonesia. The Pitch Battle Competition jury team consisted of Nazier Ariffin (Head of Strategic Investment at Telkomsel), Hansen Hubert (VP of Investment at Alpha JWC Ventures), Clarissa Tabalujan (Investment Associate at BRI Ventures), and Fadlan (Investment Manager at Living Lab Ventures).