Digital Hub Executive Talks #3 The Outlook for Big Data in Healthcare

30 Jan 2024
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BSD City, January 30, 2024 - The Executive Talks #3 program hosted by Digital Hub on January 30th, 2024, delved deeply into the future direction of healthcare data management under the theme, "The Outlook for Big Data in Healthcare." Distinguished professionals from Monash University, PT. Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia and Asa Ren came together to discuss the intersection of healthcare and digital technology.


During the event, various aspects of this intersection, such as big data analytics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, were thoroughly examined, providing attendees with a comprehensive grasp of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


Dr. Henry Surendra, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Course Coordinator of the Master of Public Health program at Monash University, Indonesia, presented "Possible Functions of Big Data Analytics in Public Health." He underscored the significant opportunities presented by utilizing big data to advance healthcare results, enhance patient care, and support decision-making based on empirical evidence.


Mr. Mulyawan Gani, Managing Director of Digital Business at Sinar Mas Land, expressed, "Considering BSD City's developmental trajectory, it is logical for us to prioritize healthcare. BSD City has a demonstrated history of cultivating ecosystems. We accommodate over 110 schools and universities, while our Digital Hub hosts over 100 digital and technology companies that proudly operate within BSD City. We are establishing a healthcare cluster, positioning BSD City as a pioneer in offering integrated clusters of medical facilities/services, education, and digital technology."


Mr. Andreas D. Prakasa, S.Farm., M.Sc., as the Head of Corporate Relations at PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia, contributed his knowledge in biotechnology to the discussion. He emphasized, "Digitizing medical data facilitates tailored diagnostic or treatment options for addressing diseases. There's a notable shift in medical treatments from chemical drugs to biological products."


Bringing his expertise in medicine and research, Dr. Arief Wibowo, Ph.D., the Head of Medical and Research at Asa Ren, shared his insights with the panel. He expressed, "It is a privilege to contribute as one of the speakers in this event, addressing the challenges and potentials of Big Data in the Healthcare System from a comprehensive standpoint. Big Data plays a pivotal role in healthcare, especially in leveraging genomic data to enhance disease prediction accuracy, particularly within the Indonesian context. The increasing accessibility of genomic data from the Indonesian population holds promise for more precise identification of disease risks tailored specifically to Indonesians."


Beyond serving as a platform for disseminating knowledge, the event fostered active participation, encouraging attendees to share experiences and provide suggestions for future Digital Hub Executive Talks sessions, nurturing a dynamic community dedicated to driving progress in healthcare and digital technology.