Sinar Mas Adopt AI Technology for Digital Transformation with RISE SAP

18 Jun 2024
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Sinar Mas has announced the adoption of AI technology for digital transformation with RISE with SAP. This aligns with McKinsey research projecting that Gen AI could enable the automation of up to 70 percent of business activities by 2030. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovates businesses, drives scalability, and transforms Indonesia's business landscape, Sinar Mas's initiative marks a significant step in its digital transformation journey.

Sinar Mas, active in seven business pillars—Pulp & Paper, Agri-business & Food, Financial Services, Developer & Real Estate, Communications & Technology, Energy & Infrastructure, and Healthcare—has selected RISE with SAP to leverage its business operations. Sinar Mas will initially move five of its businesses to the cloud.


Franky Widjaja, Chairman and CEO of Sinar Mas Agribusiness & Food and Golden Agri-Resources, highlights the importance of adaptability and innovation: "Organizations today need to ensure they can adapt quickly to new innovations, if they are to continue to grow and achieve their ambitions. Our move to the cloud, with the help of our long-term partner SAP, will ensure that we’re not only able to better navigate future challenges but also leverage future benefits, such as AI, while contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth.”


Jesslyne Widjaja, Executive Director of Strategy and People at Golden Agri-Resources, emphasizes the value of data integration: “Having access to accurate, high-quality data from across our organization is critical to Sinar Mas being able to better integrate and streamline our operations. Moving to SAP’s Cloud ERP will provide us with this holistic view of our data, which will enable us to adapt better to changes impacting all of the industries we operate in.”


Driven by a clean digital core technology, Sinar Mas has taken a remarkable step to migrate to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. By enabling this technology, it can enhance agility, innovate at a faster pace, scale efficiently, and streamline operations. SAP Business AI is built into the SAP applications that power critical business processes and comprises a range of AI innovations developed using extensive industry-specific data and deep process knowledge, all created using responsible AI practices.


Scott Russell, Chief Revenue Officer and a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, comments on the strategic significance of the move: “Sinar Mas’s strategic decision to adopt RISE with SAP is a prime example of how Asia’s leading companies are leveraging the cloud to build resilience and agility in today’s dynamic market, By having the power of business AI integrated directly into their core business processes, Sinar Mas will be able to take their history of growth and innovation to new heights. We look forward to supporting Sinar Mas in this exciting new phase of their business transformation.”


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